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Our Team

Our building is split into two units, Willow and Maple. Our staff are allocated to work within one unit or the other, and most of the time remain on the same floor within the unit for continuity. Willow is a 45-bed dementia unit, the unit manager is Sarah who you will see bobbing about most days often singing or dancing with the residents. She is available to assist with any issues, concerns and is fabulous at giving support with some of the difficulties that arise with the nature of dementia. She is supported by nurses who are both registered mental health nurses and general trained nurses who will be wearing navy tunics, senior health care assistants who wear burgundy tunics and care assistants who wear light blue t-shirts. Maple is a 47-bed unit whose manager is Laura; she has been here for over 10 years and is very experienced in dealing with any event that may arise. Laura also has nurses, senior carers and care assistants allocated across the three floors. The resident’s needs vary throughout this unit with a small dementia area on the top floor. Our trained team of professionals work together to create the best possible experience for those living in the home. Orchard Manor Care Home strive to deliver excellent care services in a warm, homely environment. You can find out more about some of our fantastic staff members below:

Our Team

Michelle Haspey

Home Manager

Hi, I’m Michelle, Orchard Manor's Home Manager, I’m the person who keeps everyone organised. I arrange, organise, and manage all the official bits and pieces and will be more than happy for you to pop your head in at any time with any questions. My ethos is to ensure all residents receive care that is person-centred and individual to that person’s needs. I’ve been with Orchard Manor since 2013 and haven’t looked back. I’m so proud to work in such a caring environment with amazing staff and residents.

Sarah Kaye

Deputy Manager


I am the Deputy Manager for the Home. You will witness me singing, dancing and generally having fun with the residents. I am passionate about making the residents quality of life as enjoyable as possible. Knowing that the small things makes the biggest difference I spend time with my families gathering which are the best songs for me to sing and what are the enjoyable hobbies that impact the most.

Laura Cummins

Clinical Support Manager


As the Clinical Support Manager, it is my role to oversee that the nurses and staff are supported to ensure they can provide high quality care. I am passionate about end of life care and feel proud and honoured that at Orchard Manor we are dedicated to making this challenging time as peaceful and dignified as possible. My greatest passion is providing high quality nursing care to your loved one in a personalised and compassionate way.

Kirsty Aird

Senior Administrator

My Name is Kirsty and I have worked at Orchard Manor since 2018. I am one of the Senior Administrators and work behind the scenes managing a diverse workload, specifically ensuring we have adequate compliant staff for our residents. I believe in treating all staff fairly enabling them to deliver outstanding care to our residents.

Flo Tamasanu

Senior Administrator

Hi, my name is Flo and I’ve worked at Orchard Manor since 2018. My primary role is managing the staff rotas ensuring consistency for our residents. I am passionate about ensuring our staff have a balanced work home life, and a great believer that happy staff give the best personalised care to our residents.

Danielle Kay

Inhouse Trainer

Hi, my name is Danielle. I Have worked at Orchard Manor for four years and gained experience within different departments. I started my journey as a domestic in 2017 and quickly learnt that I had a passion for EMI leading me to join our activities team which I enjoyed deeply. My passion for our resident’s health and well-being has grown stronger helping me to make the decision to join the care team and then taking on the role as covid administrator. I have recently completed my NVQ level 2 in care and a train the trainer course whilst taking on the new position of in-house trainer. My aim for the future is to gain more experience within Orchard Manor care home to enable me to assist our residents and my passion further.

Emma Collis

Accounts Administrator


I have been at Orchard Manor since 2018 and work in the Accounts Department. I busy myself ensuring the finances run smoothly and rarely venture out of the office. If you have any queries though, please feel free to ring or speak to me whilst you are here. Orchard Manor has the most wonderful staff who genuinely care for their residents which is evident from their hard work and dedication.


The Deputy and Clinical Support Manager, Sarah and Laura are both qualified nurses coupled with the vast Operational and managerial experience of Michelle who is Home Manager, they have many years of experience and knowledge. They are driven and passionate about providing high quality care. They manage the service in an open and transparent manner and are always available for a chat. They are very proud of the outstanding care provided by their staff. Our Administration and Training team are in the front office. They arrange, organise, and manage all the official goings on and will be more than happy for you to pop your head in at any time with any questions. We have a very proactive housekeeping team who keep the place clean and tidy, you will see them wearing green t-shirts. Kitchen Staff cater for all dietary requirements, and we have an energetic activities team. There is a HR, finance and regional support departments based at the home. Our proprietor Tim visits each month and is happy to say hello when he does his walk arounds.

“Moving my dad to Orchard Manor Care Home has been the best decision I could have made for him. The support and caring ways everyone in the home show to my dad is so special. He is a lovely man, but sometimes now with his dementia, he can easily get upset. In the previous home, they were slow to react and this led to my dad reacting in ways which were out of frustration. The staff at Orchard Manor are excellent and react so quickly to possible flair up moments. Staff treat every patient and visitor in such a welcoming and lovely way. The introduction of dolls to my dad has turned his emotions around, he now looks after them as his children and is so happy. Thank you for looking after my very special dad”!

Rob B (Son of Resident)